Bullet Journaling: What It Is and How to Do It

Sabrina Paparella

I was introduced to bullet journaling for the first time through a college friend. Recognising in me someone equally as type A as herself, she asked, "Have you ever tried bullet journaling?" "No," I replied, shifting my eyes to conceal the guilt from years of picking up journals and planners only for them to get buried at the back of drawers and under beds, forgotten. Her bullet journal, however, was unlike any I had kept before. It was filled with secret symbols, calendars, grids, and was covered with stickers—intriguing. Bullet journaling has built a devoted fanbase who have affectionately coined the term bujo in reference to it. Bullet journals are a low-commitment way to keep track of completed tasks while tracking what one hopes to accomplish. So what is bullet journaling exactly? It's somewhere between a diary, a to-list, and a daily planner. Keep reading to learn how to keep a bullet journal in five simple steps.

Curious to start your own bullet journal? Keep reading to see an editor's take on how she kept a bullet journal of her own.

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