Making an Important Decision? Read This First

Katie Sweeney

There have been several instances in my life where I had a strong gut feeling that something bad was going to happen. However, instead of giving in to this sensation, I ignored it, and the outcome was not positive. Looking back on these situations, I wish I had followed my gut, and since then, I have often wondered how can a person can know when to trust what their gut is saying, especially when making a difficult decision in relation to their career or love life.

Fortune recently discussed the concept of listening to your gut in a series of articles and advises that one should never make a big decision without checking in with their instincts. “Your gut is the subconscious part of your brain, and it sways your mind one way or another based on past experiences. It recognises patterns that serve as your compass to make good decisions in the future,” writes Feris Rifai. Before making any decision, Rifai recommends gathering as much information as possible. Ask questions to get a full understanding of the scenario. Consult colleagues and business partners for recommendations. Once you’ve compiled your research, turn to your gut to guide you.

Alexander Goldstein agrees that you should practice rational thinking, and he suggests that when gathering information, you examine your past as well. “Self-reflection and logistical thinking are key when trying to navigate gut feelings,” explains Goldstein, “Especially when making tough business decisions that will influence your business’s trajectory.” Therefore, the next time you’re faced with a tough decision, forage for information, ask questions, consult your past, and then check in with your gut. These actions will result in you making the best decision. 

To learn more about the subject, read Trust Your Gut: How the Power of Intuition Can Grow Your Business.

Do you rely on your gut instincts when making important choices?

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