Need to Save? Here's How You Trick Yourself Into It

Julia Millay Walsh

We all know that spending less and saving more money are two things we all should do, problem is, the “do” part of the equation is often left out. When you have a full-time job, a family, and a social life to tend to, adding one more thing to the to-do list can become a huge hurdle. That’s why I’ve taken to tricking myself into spending less money, so it becomes more automatic. Yes, I like to play mind games on myself—mind games that save me dough.

Psychological tricks aren’t some kind of witchcraft. They work and can seriously help you win at life, trust me on this one. Don’t believe me? Read on to discover a few of the tricks I use regularly to curb the spending and keep the cash in the bank. Give them a try, you might surprise yourself. Make 2017 the year of investing, not splurging.

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