How to Take Instagram-Worthy Travel Photos, According to a Pro with 1.8 Million

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While we witness our Instagram and Facebook feeds become an endless scroll of European summer travel photos, we can’t deny the urge to dream, plan, and book our next escape—stat, ideally. But before you board that flight, ensure you’re ready to capture your adventure like never before. Introducing, Chris Burkard—the award-winning travel and nature photographer who has revealed his expert travel photography tips to Business Insider Australia. Burkard, who has been capturing the world’s most scenic locations for 11 years now thanks to “an urge to create, tell stories, and be in the wild” has almost two million followers on Instagram which he can attribute to his postcard-like snaps. His first tip? Be patient, work hard, and practise. “It was difficult at first, as is anything that you’re getting into for the first time. I was diligent, I worked crazy hard, long hours, lots of driving, and before long the hard work paid off!” explains Burkard. Avid travellers, read on and get snapping.

1. Hold your phone steady

“If you don’t have a tri-pod handy, lean against something sturdy such as a tree so your photo comes out clear.”

2. Add a human

“Including a person in the foreground of your landscape shots is a great way to add perspective and a sense of grandeur to the surroundings.”

3. Embrace the mundane

“Even the most mundane travel moments can sometimes make for the best photos.”

4. Find something unique

“When shooting a space—whether it be a restaurant or mountain range—look for what makes a place special, and focus on that. For example, those cute lanterns on a patio could make for a great picture.”

5. Find a style for your Instagrams, and own it

“It’s important to find a style to own and perfect so that your followers know what to expect. I think it’s important to realise that social media is a place to have your own voice. Don’t just use other people’s quotes, write your own. Often people try to describe what people can already see in the image—I prefer to describe the feeling and sensation of being there. I want them to know what it felt like, and smelled like.”

For five more genius tips from Burkard, head to Business Insider Australia and then invest in an iPhone tripod and get snapping.

Do you have any genius tip for taking enviable travel photos? Share with us below!

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