This Blogger Shares His Top 5 Tips for Taking the Perfect Foodstagram

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell


Whenever we’re dining in style and aim to channel our inner blogger to post a food snap that will have our fellow foodies green with envy, nine times out of 10 it never looks as good as the culinary masterpiece that lay before our very eyes—am I right? So the real mystery is, how do food bloggers manage to take a snap that looks like it has been scanned from the pages of Delicious magazine? Exhibit A: London food blogger Clerkenwell­_Boy who is the proud creator of an Instagram account that will leave you salivating in a single scroll. The food editor shared his secrets with Huffington Post Australia that will hopefully save us from another uninspiring foodstagram yet. His top tip? Soft, natural light is best. Read on and show those fellow foodie what you’re snapping skills are made of.

1. Consider lighting and composition

Ask for a table by the window if possible and always try to shoot your photos during the day time. Decide on the style and composition of your photo: (i) top down, (ii) 45 degree angle or (iii) super close up.

2. Use negative space

Play around with negative space (the area in between and around objects) and use symmetry or the rule of thirds to structure and balance your images.

3. Style it up

When styling your table, add elements that evoke the mood of the cuisine such as flowers, cutlery, herbs, spices or fresh ingredients.

4. Add location

When sharing, geotag the location so that others can find it via Google maps, and tag the restaurant or bar so others can easily connect and follow your recommendations.

5. Tell a story

Tell a story through your posts by finding your personal niche and style—you could provide a description of your favourite dish on the menu, share a recipe, or describe a personal story, or memory.

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