How to Quit Eating Out for Lunch—and Enjoy It

Katie Sweeney


If spending less money and eating healthier are on your resolution list for 2016, there’s an easy way to achieve both goals at the same time: Stop eating lunch out. Start bringing your lunch to work and you’ll not only save hundreds of dollars per year, but you’ll also be completely in control of what you’re putting into your body. When you’re busy at the office and wait to think about lunch until you’re hungry, you’re more likely to make bad food decisions, order too much, and overeat. Packing your lunch eliminates this problem. Kicking your lunch habit might seem hard, but if you follow the tips listed below and commit yourself to making the change, it can be done. Here’s how to quit eating out for lunch and actually enjoy it.

Do you bring your lunch to work? What is your best go-to meal?

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