The Simple Habits That All Organised People Do

Lauren Powell

The Everygirl

Between a jam-packed work schedule, endless weekend commitments, and finding quality time for family and friends, it can seem a constant challenge to find a single moment for yourself—let alone feel on top of things. As life feels busier than ever before, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to become the organised person you’ve always dreamed you'd be, and look forward to your busy schedule, rather than dread it. Huffington Post Australia has revealed the productivity secrets that all organised people live by every day, so those of us who are feeling a little frantic—and have lost your keys in the meantime—can become one of them. Looking to take control of your life? Get your notebooks ready and read on for the habits organised people live by.

1. They live by lists

“The weight of everything left undone at the end of the day can keep you up at night. If you don’t write down those to-dos, certain tasks can fall through the cracks. Put pen to paper and make a to-do list every day. The key here is making sure your to-do list is manageable. For instance, taking out the trash is an instantly achievable goal, while landscaping the garden is more of a long-term project. Don’t let big tasks frighten or frustrate you. Break them down into smaller pieces that you can work on every day.”

2. They have a home for everything

“Ever wonder why you keep losing your keys, smartphone, or wallet? Let organised people show you the light. The key to organisation is making sure everything has a proper place. The easiest way to lose something is to put it down in different places around your home. Establish a charging station for your devices and put them there when not in use. Put your keys and wallet in a catch-all tray in the hall. You’ll be surprised how much quicker you get up and out in the morning when you’re not hunting for your stuff.”

3. They’re decisive

“Being organised requires clear, quick decision-making. Whether they’re cleaning out the closet or planning a dinner party, organised people are able to make choices easily and stick to them. While a perfectionist might agonise over every option available, organised people have no problem with 'good enough'. This skill allows organised people to prioritise their time wisely and efficiently.”

For more productivity hacks that organised people swear by, head to Huffington Post Australia and keep track of your schedule with a kikki.K personal planner.

How do you stay organised? Share your productivity tips with us below!

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