These Female Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets for Starting a Business

Lauren Powell

Does the thought of saying au revoir the nine-to-five grind and turning a lifelong dream, idea, or hobby into a successful business sound like the icing on the cake to your career? Thought so. However, waving goodbye to job security and a steady income can be a tough task, we get it.

But according to these four female entrepreneurs, it’s all about backing yourself, taking risks, and having a clear vision—and having started exceptionally successful businesses themselves, they would know. “If your idea won’t leave you alone, then it is meant to be brought to life by you,” says founder of Twisted Yoghurt, Cass Spies. So, what are you waiting for?

These company founders shared their secrets and top tips for aspiring entrepreneurs (read: you!)—scroll on. 

Marie Enna-Cocciolone, Founder of O Cosmedics


O Cosmedics

1. Integrity

Treat everyone the way you wish to be treated. When I first started my business I wanted to be treated as a professional businesswoman, which meant everyone I came into contact with I treated with the utmost respect.

2. Customer Centric

Do your best—whatever it takes. At INSKIN COSMEDICS (the parent company of O Cosmedics) we identify two types of customers, the internal and the external. The internal is our own field staff of 18 individuals, made up of our sales and education team. When they call through and send email requests, they are doing so on behalf of the external customer. The external customer is the trade, our partners, potential partners, and the consumer. They are all equally important. Do whatever it takes, all relationships are important and to maintain a long-term, profitable relationship we bend over backwards for our customers.

3. Transparency

“Authenticity requires a certain amount of vulnerability, transparency, and integrity.” No bulls***, no excuses, admit when you could have done things better, be the first to say sorry, and don’t play into industry politics or games. If something goes wrong we share the details with our team and partners leaving no room for gossip or assumptions.

4. 360 degree growth

My motto when I founded INSKIN COSMEDICS was “there is no room for failure” but I wasn’t talking just about myself. I work to ensure everyone within my team grows and it’s been that way from day one. Every challenge or experience is a learning, even if it is learning how not to do business. For me my team are my gems, I employ people smarter than me to learn.  Fact be known, each individual is employed for their personal skill and the uniqueness they bring to the table. I believe I nurture and support their professional and personal development, knowing if they are happy, they will be happy in their work and what they do. Our partners, I nurtured my first accounts to ensure we had a foundation of happy and satisfied partners and I still believe this is the case. Nine years ago INSKIN COSMEDICS was an aesthetic company, today it has evolved and along with its brand portfolio and partner market share is evidence it is a fore to be reckoned with in the medial aesthetic offer. Whilst the aesthetic industry is sometimes a little slow on the pickup I continue to lead my team to ultimately take the industry to the next level.

 5. Family matters

When people go to work they don’t leave their heart at home. My commitment to my own family, aging parents, and friends is to take the time to show the ultimate care. At work, I still personally send cards and flowers for newborns, reasons to celebrate, sympathy, and challenging times because we need to acknowledge the people around us.

Cass Spies, Founder of Twisted Yoghurt


Twisted Yoghurt

1. If your idea won’t leave you alone (!) then it is meant to be brought to life by you.

2. Be resilient—you will fail along the way. You need to be prepared for success to take longer than you expect. No business worth anything was created overnight.

3. Know your numbers—intimately—cash flow is king and it will bring you to your knees if you are not on top of it.

4. Say thanks daily—to anyone that helps you along the way, anyone that believes in your mission and is prepared to follow and believe in your vision.

5. Surround yourself with an amazing team who complement your strengths. You cannot create greatness in a vacuum.

Shea Morrison and Danielle Knight, Founders of The Goodnight Co.


The Goodnight Co.

1. Just start!

2. Surround yourself with great people.

3.Have a flexible attitude because things can change so much in the early days.

4. Celebrate the small wins.

5. Have an end goal, know where you want the business to end in five to 10 years.

Natasha Duarte and Jessica Nash, Founders of Vigour Skin Therapy


Vigour Skin Therapy

1. Set your vision. Tash and I often work in our own facial clinics separately, but its great having a partner to bounce things off and share the same passion with. Even if you don’t have a business partner, find someone industry based to share experiences with and bounce things off. It is important to align yourselves in your core belief system for the business so you are both aware of where you want it to go.
2. Get connected. Find some business groups. Whether they be Facebook style or meet ups for other entrepreneurs. These types of connections keep you motivated and also help you network possible business opportunities.
3. Set yourself goals and tasks. Sometimes it can all seem too much trying to run a few business, households, and other various increments of life. It is rewarding and therapeutic to set yourself a list of daily tasks that you can cross off. It’s also easy to stray from the path so setting goals is important to keep you focused.
4. Whistle while you work! It is so important for the most to keep it as light hearted and fun as possible. No one wants to work in a negative space. We make sure we are always listening to our favourite music, lighting candles, brining healthy lunch so the big days so whether we are doing facials or brand focused workshops we are enjoying the space at the same time.

5. Don't give up! There will be times when you feel like nothing you can do is working in your favour, but you have to really savour and respect your victories as they come no matter how small. What will set you apart from the others is being able to continue and motivate yourself through the hard times.

For more inspiration, learn from one our all-time favourite female entrepnuers, Sophia Amoruso and shop her book #GirlBoss, ($24).

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