I Went Out on Friday Night Alone Sans Smartphone—Here's What Happened

Jillian Knox Finley

Timur Emek/Getty

In a group discussion at the MyDomaine offices regarding editor challenges, a recent debate ensued over the joys of dining solo in restaurants. Was there an art to the lone-diner eatery-selection process? For sure. Is it rude to decline an invite to join another table if you’re genuinely stoked to be on your own? Nope. And ultimately, when out on the town as a party of one, do you bring your mobile? No. Adventuring with technology is hardly an exercise in solitude. A strong proponent for life in aeroplane mode (in general), I gleefully shot my hand in the air to volunteer for a night out on the town: just me, myself, and I (sans iPhone).

For me, an identical twin, alone time was something I discovered outside the womb. Being as such, my comfort threshold for going stag is pretty high. Total solitude is to be celebrated. I’ve made frequent trips to museums, amusement parks, and multiple foreign countries on my own. This past weekend (challenge accepted), I treated myself to a string of one-on-one dates without the crutch of a smartphone. If spending a weekend solo is a prospect you do not find wildly appealing, I’m here to change your mind. Allow me to walk you through what’s waiting on the other side of companionship. I’ll even offer up some baby steps for beginners looking to take the plunge. If you're a bantamweight in the going-it-alone department, here’s your play by play for faking it like a pro.

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