How Our Editors Are Spending Their Tax Returns This Year

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

Décor dreaming is something we here at MyDomaine Australia do on a daily basis, and what better time to bring those dreams into reality (even if it's a not-so-smart reality) than tax time. This time of year can burn a hole in our pockets as we know we should spend our tax returns in practical and sensible ways (did someone say credit card debt?), but sometimes you just want to spend it on something you've been eyeing off for months, maybe even years. So why not let go of the guilt, forget the "other things" you could do with your money, and ignore how you promised yourself this was the year you would put a deposit on that townhouse—there's always next year right?

We already reached out to an expert to find out how to spend your tax return cash the sensible way, so now it's time for some fun. From décor accessories to practical furniture pieces, we gave our editors the "tedious" task of revealing their inner-most interiors dreams and what they'll be spending their tax returns on this year.

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Oly Thibault Lounge ( $4900 ) ($4165)

"This lounge would make my life. I can picture this daybed as the centrepiece to my dressing room (which I don't have), sitting to strap on my heels for the day, or draping a cashmere throw over the corner—chic, elegant, and practical."—Katie, writer & producer

Dina Broadhurst 'Catch Me If You Can' Print ($2400)

"My fiancé and I are slowly growing our art collection, and a piece by Dina Broadhurst has been on my wishlist for a couple of years now. I'm going to put my tax money aside so I can finally splurge on Broadhurst's 'Catch Me If You Can'. It will make me feel like I'm always on holiday."—Amanda, editorial director

"I'll be doing a makeover of my living room with a new rug. I've been pinning round rugs for months and this one is a perfect fit and colour for my small apartment space."Lara, writer & producer

"I'm due to receive more than one return this year (clearly I am not the best at adulting), the upside being I can splash out a little more than usual. I've been eyeing off a multitude of cushions from Utopia Goods for months now, but I think this is 'the one'." —Lisa, beauty editor

Aoto Takada Mokuzai Dining Chairs ($329)

"I've been waiting all year for the chance to have a little extra cash up my sleeve to update my dining room furniture. I love that these dining chairs from Brosa have the option to mix and match the upholstery colours."—Candice, copy editor

"Having lived in North Bondi for the past seven years, you could say I've become a bit beach inspired with some of my homewares choices I'm a long-time fan of Eugene Tan's photography—his 'Lone Swimmer' shot was an early purchase—and I've had my eye on 'White Line Up' for a few years now. I love the overexposure of the image, the calmness of the ocean, and the group dynamic of the surfers just hanging out for a set—hopefully it'll inspire me to get out on my board more often! Well worth the splurge."Delicia, senior production & partnerships manager

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