Feeling Moody? Do This for 20 Seconds and Feel Happier

Kelsey Clark

If you're currently stuck in a rut, or feeling like the upside down smile emoji, you'll be beyond thankful that we hace just found this 20-second mood-elevating trick featured on PureWow. Having resorted to this many times ourselves, we can speak to its effectiveness, both as a time-saver and a mood-booster.

Here's what to do: Instead of slipping into rumination and self-pity next time you're having a rough day, simply grab a piece of paper and create a quick list of things that make you happy. "Examples can be as small as 'that first cup of coffee in the morning' or as grand as 'my trip to Paris last year,'" explains PureWow. "By refocusing your perspective and being mindful of the small things that bring you joy, you'll start to feel that cloud of doom lift."

Refocusing your perspective in this way also allows you to take a step back and view the bigger picture of life, instead of honing in on the negative minutia of the day-to-day. Jam out to an uplifting playlist while you write, and you can kiss your bad mood goodbye.

How do you snap yourself out of a bad mood in an instant? Share your tricks with us below.

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