If You're Feeling Exhausted, This Is How You Can Simplify Christmas

Rebecca Jobson

This year, our family has decided to make a change and simplify our Christmas. It's always such an exciting time of year, and I may or may not have already started playing Mariah Carey’s Christmas tunes when no one else is around. But, from previous experience, I’ve learnt that it’s also equally daunting to know the damage that is about to be done to bank accounts and stress levels around the globe as the festive season draws closer.

So, to help you simplify your Christmas (and focus on what’s really important) this year, here are some simple steps that I use to help create a stress-free environment.


Don’t let Christmas creep up on you. Try not to leave everything to a last-minute rush on Christmas Eve. Start early and write lists of what you need to do, to save you from going in blind and buying more than you need. 


To save a little time and money, organise a Kris Kringle between your friends and/or family instead of being left with a huge list of family members that you have to buy gifts for. This way, you can put your time and your budget into getting that one person something meaningful that you know they will appreciate.

If the Kris Kringle is too hard, give your family a present limit. We have a small family and have limited our gifts to one for each person. This way no one is buying things because they feel like they are expected to keep up with everyone else.


Oh beautiful Afterpay, what did we ever do without you. Don’t forget this special feature when shopping online this Christmas so your bank account doesn't take such a severe punch all at once. Pay it off slowly in four easy fortnightly repayments. Some stores now even have Afterpay available in store.


Social media. As much as I love it, I can admit it has made this time even more stressful for people. We’re constantly being bombarded with images of perfectly styled homes and the bar has been set so high. Try not to let these expectations scare you. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to make your house look like that of your favourite interior stylist. Pinterest has thousands of DIY decorating hacks that are so simple, you will surprise yourself!


My parents (after I realised that Santa wasn’t who I once thought he may have been) would give us Christmas money and vouchers because half the things on my Christmas list would go on sale one day later anyway. I’d always end up with double the loot and find amazing things at a bargain price, that I would have never been able to afford in the first place.


I think its really important to explain to children the true meaning of the holiday season, from an early age. If they spend their younger years concentrating on how many presents they get, then that's what they'll expect when they're older.

Teach them about family and friends and spreading the Christmas cheer. Teach them about the less fortunate children who aren't getting any gifts this Christmas and how lucky they are to be with family. This year, we are donating some of Bella's (our daughter) toys to charity to give to underprivileged children, because I really believe that everyone deserves to smile on Christmas day.

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