The 5 Time-Saving Hacks You Need to Adopt this Silly Season

Lauren Powell

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As the days, weeks, and months continue to feel shorter and faster year-after-year, we’re always ready to try and test every productivity and time management tip that successful people swear by.  

While the 8 time management secrets from productive women and the effective productivity hacks from start-up CEO’s have served us well, we have just stumbled across what we believe are some of the best time saving hacks yet. Business Insider Australia has compiled a list of genius everyday tips from users on the question-and-answer site Quora that are guaranteed to give you back the gift of time. And, what’s even better, is that we can all easily adopt them. Read on to find out how you can be your most efficient self yet.

Apply the two-minute rule

“If you can do something (like replying to an email, or a house chore) in two minutes, do it now. Planning it for later, remembering it, doing it in the future will take five minutes or more.”—Marius Ursache

Remove temptations

“Suppose, you are working on some important project and you get distracted by your phone, then keep your phone in a separate room far from the room you are working in.”—Girish Khaitan

Use a website blocker

“Add in the websites that you spend the most time procrastinating on, and then it lets you block them for hours at a time with the click of a button, forcing you to do work. Uninstalling or rebooting doesn't do anything. There are a number of apps that do this, but this is the one I found most useful is SelfControl.”—Michael Lam


“Let's see what are the things you could automate:

Once you automate everything that you don't love, then the rest is beautiful!”—Pavan

Practise the ‘Plus One’ Rule

“Every small task I have to do, such as writing an email or clearing up some cups, whatever, while I'm doing it I look out for, or think of one extra task I would otherwise have left undone, and do it quickly too. It doesn't save time immediately, but cumulatively I'm getting through a lot more. I like the way it's easy to remember and if I keep it up hopefully it will turn into a habit.”— Leo Hartas

For more foolproof time saving hacks, head to Business Insider Australia and shop How to Be a Productivity Ninja ($24).

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