How to Resign Gracefully, According to Richard Branson

Lauren Powell

via Potent Magazine

Have you thought about quitting your job recently? Is it time to move on to your next career chapter? Firstly, that is absolutely A-OK and part and parcel of business, but remember, deciding to resign from your job is a pivotal professional decision and there’s a right and wrong way to go about it. Just ask Richard Branson.

The ultimate entrepreneur, Branson has never had to quit a job, but he has been on the receiving end of many resignations so he knows exactly how it should be done. Business Insider Australia revealed the Virgin founder’s number one tip for quitting a job following a LinkedIn survey and it’s refreshingly simple— explain your reasoning, share your vision for the future, and make an effort to keep in touch. “Who knows what the future will hold?” he says. “Think twice before you burn your bridges— build some instead!”

Adding that his former Virgin employees who have moved on to succeed are the ones that quit gracefully. “All of them left with the best wishes of their previous companies, we've all stayed friends, and I'm sure there will be opportunities for us to collaborate further in the future,” he says.

Ask yourself these six questions before you quit your job, then take a cue from Branson before you hand in your resignation letter.

For more tips on how to quit your job successfully, head to Business Insider Australia, and for more career advice and inspiration from Branson shop Losing My Virginity ($25).

Have you resigned recently? What are your top tips? Share with us below!

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