How to Sound Smart at a Party with Design Nerds

The pronunciation of common design words tends to get mangled, and we must say, we're not immune. But through diligent research, we've compiled a list of commonly mispronounced design terms and provided the correct way to say them--spelled out phonetically. We went the regional route, opting for the pronunciation which matches the term's origin (think: the Turkish way to say kilim and the Indonesian pronunciation of ikat). School is in session, so read on to make sure you'll never again get the disapproving side-eye when talking décor.
_pied_a_terre Pied-à-Terre: A small living unit for part-time or temporary use, usually located in a large city some distance away from an individual's primary residence. Common: PIE-ed-ah-tear Correct: Pea-YED-ah-tear.
_niche Niche: A recess in a wall, commonly used for displaying a decorative object. Common: Nitch Correct: Neesh
_kilim Kilim: A Turkish flat-woven rug. Common: Key-LEEM Correct: KEY-lim
_chaise Chaise Longue: A reclining chair with a long seat that supports the outstretched legs. Common: Shayze lounge Correct: Shez long
_ikat Ikat: A fabric in which the yarns have been tie-dyed before weaving. Common: EYE-cat Correct: EE-cot
_foyer Foyer: An entrance hall or other open area in a building. Common: Foy-yerr Correct: Foy-YAY
_sette Settee: A long seat that has a back and arms, which two or more people can sit on. Common: Set-tay Correct: Set-TEA
_parquet Parquet: A geometric arrangement of wood in repeating patterns. Common: Par-ket Correct: Par-KAY
_fauxbois Faux Bois: A visual technique where an item is printed or painted to look like it's wood or has wood grain detailing. Common: Foy-boys Correct: Foh-BWAH
_armoire Armoire: A tall cupboard or wardrobe Common: Arm-WAH Correct: Arm-WAAR
We want to know: are there any other words you get tripped up on or things people say incorrectly that drive you crazy? Let us know in the comments! Photographs: Frank Roop, Patrick Cline for Lonny, Andrew Arthur, Chloe Lonsdale, Roger Davies for Elle Decor, Eric Piasecki, Justin Coit, via Archiproducts, Jessie Preza and Colleen Duffley for Traditional Home, Andrew Arthur. 
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