7 Science-Backed Ways to Fight Burnout

Sophie Miura

How often do you drop the word “busy” into conversation? For years, we’ve been told about the downside of leading a chaotic lifestyle so often that busy has become demonised. The New York Times dubbed the “busy trap” a form of modern-day hysteria, while Psychology Today declared the associated stress hormone, cortisol, “public enemy number one.”

But here’s the thing: Studies suggest that keeping a fast pace might not be as bad as we’d once thought. In fact, it could actually be good for you. (Yes, really!) Researchers at the University of Chicago found that people who lead busy lifestyles are happier than those who are idle. Why? We’re hardwired to crave purpose, and a full schedule makes us feel needed.

In essence, you don’t need to feel guilty about your fast-paced lifestyle—you just need to know how to manage it. When left unchecked, an addiction to being busy can lead to burnout. To keep you out of the red zone, we went in search of the best science-backed methods to manage your schedule. Try these stress hacks to prevent burnout for good.

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