This Working Mother Shares her #1 Stress-Relieving Secret

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As we seek to lead calmer, more balanced lives, more of us are turning to meditation and the practice of mindfulness to reap its stress-relieving benefits. However, our intentions of practicing daily can at times turn into a burden on our already demanding days. But it should actually be the opposite, just ask It-girl, mother, campaign ambassador for Virgin Mobile’s new partnership with Smiling Mind (an app which aims to show how mobile meditation is making mindfulness easier), Lindy Klim, who counts meditation as one of the most important activities in both her and her children’s daily lives. As someone who practices every day at any given moment, we asked her to share her secrets—read on for Klim’s top tips on how to incorporate mindfulness and mediation into your everyday life.  

Do it first thing in the morning 

“Every morning, the children and I all start off our day by meditating before breakfast. We’ve made it a habit because we know it will benefit us all for the day—the kids are ready for a great day at school and I’m prepared for another great day of work.”

Take advantage of any moment

“All it takes is 10 minutes out of your day to practice and you can do it anytime, anywhere, like on the train home from work. I'm always on the go, so where ever I am in the world can play a part in how often I can practice mindfulness.”

Use your mobile phone for good 

“These days, we’re so reliant on our phones because we use them to connect with our friends and family, we use them for work, the list doesn’t end! I know that I can’t leave the house without mine because it has everything for me on there. By having my Smiling Mind app on my phone, I know that I can reap the benefits anywhere and that I’m using my mobile phone to better my personal wellbeing.”

Practice active meditation 

“Mindfulness doesn’t have to be all out stopping everything to take time out. ‘Active meditation’ involves incorporating mindfulness in even the simplest tasks we do. For example, mindful eating encourages you to eat slowly and chew your food well, as well as encouraging you to be more aware of what you you’re eating. This is something that can be done with the family around the table.”

Create your own oasis

“You choose where you meditate, anywhere and at anytime. This can be from a quiet room in the house, to a sunny spot in the backyard, the beach or the local park. Where ever you are comfortably and ready to tune into your surroundings. I personally love being out in nature as I become aware of my body and surroundings and the space I exist in that moment.”

Want to incorporate the practice of meditation into your everyday life? Download Smiling Mind to learn how to begin.

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