How to Serve Champagne Like a Pro

Lauren Powell

This Christmas and NYE we’re planning on celebrating with plenty of bubbles (we hope you are too!) and this year we're doing it right—pouring it like a professional, serving it in style, and drinking it when it’s at its finest. We asked Matt Schmidt, Managing Director of Crush Fine Wines which sells Boizel champagne, amongst others, to tell us exactly how to pour, serve, and drink champagne the right way, so we’re prepped for party season. Cheers!  

  1. Chill the champagne bottle for a couple of hours—feel free to pop it in the fridge or better yet, submerge it in a bucket of half ice, half water.
  2. Have your clean flutes at the ready.
  3. Remove the foil and cage off the champagne bottle and make sure you keep your hand over the cork—no one likes a trip to the ER on Christmas Eve from a cork to the eye!
  4. For those corks that are in too tightly, twist the bottle not the cork, it will come out with ease. The bottle will make a hissing sound when the cork is released slowly.
  5. To pour, place your hand at the base of the bottle with your thumb placed into the depression on the bottom (called the punt) and balance the front of the neck on the side of the glass, supported by your other hand.
  6. When pouring, tilt the glass to its side and pour the wine onto the side of the glass, not onto the base. This will stop the bubbles from overflowing the glass.
  7. Fill the glass slowly and gently until three quarters full—this will let the wine breath and the bubbles rise to the surface.
  8. Most importantly, enjoy!

Do you have any tips for serving champagne? Share with us below!

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