The Surprising Ways to Meditate on the Move

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell


When you think of meditation, do you imagine sitting down in a quiet space in the lotus pose? So did we! The good (great) news is that this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Huffington Post Australia has revealed the surprising—and just as effective—ways to meditate on the move. Read on to find out how meditation and exercise can become one—win, win!


While we love yoga for the benefits on our bodies—increased strength, flexibility, and posture improvement—it is also one of the best exercises for the mind. The concentration used while moving through each pose and movement with a controlled breath is one of the goals of meditation. Relaxation is also one of the primary objectives of mediation and yoga provides us with just that. Get your mats out, gals!

Tai Chi

This form of martial arts involves gentle, rhythmic movements, and like yoga, requires moving with intention, concentration, and focusing your thoughts resulting in mediation.


Taking a brisk walk has more benefits that we ever knew and we couldn’t be happier. Just ensure you’re focused and in the moment during your stroll (enjoy the scenery!) and clear your thoughts on any current stresses. This is one type of meditation we can all adopt! Simple, but effective—just the way we like it.

Head to Huffington Post Australia to find out other ways to meditate on the move.

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