The #1 Way to Strengthen Your Relationship, According to the Experts

Kelsey Clark

Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

As creatures of habit, humans are naturally drawn to repetition and routine as a source of control and comfort. But in long-term relationships or marriages, complacency can ultimately breed boredom, frustration, and sometimes fall-out. "Boredom and complacency have this horrible inertia, which means that, once they hit, it's easy to get stuck...for a long time," writes Bustle. "So you need to start thinking about what you love about your relationship, about what makes your relationship tick, and the best way to safeguard that for the future."

Life coach Kali Rogers regards nipping boredom in the bud and introducing excitement into your relationship as one of the most powerful strengtheners. "Plan something together," says Rogers. "Just like people need promotions in their work in order to feel challenged and rewarded, couples need to feel that same adrenaline rush in a relationship."

Bustle recommends focusing on quality over quantity, ensuring that your time together as a couple is well-spent. "Especially if you've been together a long time, you may be guilty of the relationship zone-out," they write. "Whether it's...ignoring your partner for your phone or just existing together rather than really begin together, it can be a problem." Be sure to make time for date nights, shared activities, and new experiences on a regular basis.

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