How to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive with $150

Lauren Powell

One Kings Lane

Is your bedroom due for a grown-up makeover? It can be quite a hurdle, converting your room from the I-just-moved-out-of-my-parents' look to a more mature style—not to mention justifying the funds required for said transformation. However, you actually don’t need to break the bank to turn your bedroom from regular to refined. With an opulent statement piece or two, you’ll soon be well on your way to creating an elegant boudoir. Scroll down for 5 affordable luxury-inspired pieces that are perfect for the bedroom.


Beacon Lighting Excelsior 3 Light Close to Ceiling Chandelier in Glass/Chrome ($139)

A chandelier radiates opulence and creates a sophisticated touch to any room in an flash. This modern take on the ornate ceiling fixture will work with any interior style, but will make your bedroom look instantly more refined. 

Table Lamp

Freedom Hinged Table Lamp 50.5cm in Brass Colour ($74)

Incorporating a metallic into a space in any form adds a sense of wealth and opulence. The glossy, smooth finish of the bedside table lamp is modern and chic. Ensure your bedside table isn’t cluttered so this beauty can shine.


Linen & Moore Hayman Blush Throw ($137)

As a luxury fabric, linen will provide your room with a refined appearance simply by incorporating just one item made from the beautiful textile. Drape a throw at the end of your bed, or use it as a full bed cover and your space will be radiating with class.

Marble Tray

Country Road Marble Large Tray ($100)

Marble has been used for centuries to demonstrate wealth and in the 21st century, this is no different. Incorporating a hint of this current trend to your space will add instant visual value. 


Rug Republic Deco Modern Rug ($150)

Not only does adding a rug to any room provide definition and purpose, but it can also dramatically alter the entire style of the space. This monochromatic geometric rug exudes French-inspired charm to take your bedroom from pretty to polished, no matter its current style.

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