3 Psychologically Proven Ways to Make Someone Fall in Love With You

Kelsey Clark

Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Taking a science-backed approach to something as fleeting and unpredictable as love can feel deeply satisfying—especially for someone looking to change his or her relationship status ASAP. Though you can't exactly will your great love into your life via statistics or complex equations, you may be able to woo the object of your affection with a few proven flirtation methods. According to Business Insider Australia, the following science-backed tips can help you fall, and stay, in love.

Be Open

Revealing personal details of your life, even embarrassing ones, can help pique the interest of your potential partner. This is according to a four-part study out of Harvard Business School, which found that 79% of participants preferred to date a "revealer," or someone willing to confirm even questionable behaviour, rather than a "hider," someone who tends to keep information to themselves.

Make eye contact

Eye contact can actually lead to a stronger, more intimate relationship, according to social psychologist Zick Rubin. Rubin surveyed and observed 158 college-aged couples back in 1970, finding that the more eye contact they made, the stronger their bond. This idea is substantiated by other, more recent studies, which also found a connection between eye contact and intimacy.

Say Thank You

Don't forget your manners: Saying thank you can actually increase warm and fuzzy feelings of closeness, according to a 2010 study from the University of North Carolina. Interestingly enough, however, simply feeling grateful for a kind act done by a partner was more important than saying the words out loud.

Head over to Business Insider Australia for more science-backed dating tips, and share your Valentine's Day plans below. 

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