How to Create the Perfect GoPro Video for Your Next Beach Weekend

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

Thanks to the genius gadget known as the GoPro, we are now able capture our daily adventures like we never have before. The compact, waterproof, sturdy, and professional quality device—commonly used for filming adventure sports and activities—allows you to capture almost anything, anywhere. GoPro’s creative director, Brad Schmidt, spoke exclusively to Sporteluxe and revealed his top three tips for creating your best GoPro footage possible. Read on to learn how the pros create their masterpieces so you can capture your summer fun in style.   

1. Avoid a fogging lens

My top tip is licking your lens, I know it sounds really gross but I always do it. Then I let it dry so when you’re in the water it will repel all those drops. And the reason why? You need to use something that is hydrophobic or hydrophilic and our saliva has hydrophilic properties in it, thus when you put it on the lens of your housing it creates a smooth coat, which actually just disperses the droplets! I haven’t seen anything that works as well as saliva. I also use one or two anti-fogging wipes to make sure that the lens doesn’t fog up, especially in water and hot sun.

2. Consider the lens angle

I think a large tendency of people tend to point the lens directly to their face. For a normal camera that’s alright, but a GoPro has a really wide lens so if you do that, when you’re looking back at the footage one half of the footage will be sky and the other will be your waist. When you have a wide lens we call it the belly button rule. If I’m filming you, you’re filming me or I’m filming myself, I don’t point it at myself I actually point the lens at my belly button. What happens when you have a wide lens is, it will capture just over your head and the bottom of your frame will be at your feet. So, if you have it on your helmet then you need to point it at your feet to show you’re cycling or skiing.

3. Keep it clean

The biggest mistake I see is grabbing it and smudging the lens! 90% of the people using Go Pro are putting their hands all over it because it’s small and then all your footage is blurry.

To read the full interview with Schmidt, head to Sporteluxe.

If you don’t already own a GoPro, treat yourself to one so you can capture your everyday adventures like you never have before.

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