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Not knowing if you're on the same page as your S.O. is like not knowing whether or not you got the job you just interviewed for—worrisome and a bit scary. But thelp prepare you to dispel the feelings of the unknown, Business Insider Australia reported that there are seven key questions couples should be able to answer without difficulty to know you and your partner are both on the same path. You don't want to wake up one day and see that the man you're dating is actually not who you thought they were, right?

Getting back those years spent with someone is a scary thought and something we all don't want to have to accept. Hal Runkel, marriage and family therapist stated that “successful partners know who they are, who they aren't, what their struggles and blind spots are, and perhaps most importantly—they know their absolute bottom line deal-breakers.” We've picked our top three key questions from the list for you to ask your partner so you can ensure you aren't wasting your valuable time.

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Key Relationship Questions

  • What are your partner's biggest emotional triggers?
  • Does your partner have debt?
  • What are your partner's deal-breakers? What are yours?

Head over to Business Insider Australia to read the full list of questions.

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