The Daily Metabolism-Boosting Habit Personal Trainers Swear By

Kelsey Clark

We've traversed the interwebs in search of the perfect morning routine, forgetting to prioritise the single-most important thing: Jumpstarting your metabolism. Well+Good recently interviewed Jenna Wolfe, a journalist and fitness expert currently working with Wellness in the Schools, for their Wellness Confidential series, uncovering some interesting and practical health tips in the process.

Most notably, Wolfe does the same thing every morning, mere minutes after opening her eyes, to start her day off on the right foot: "I drink 20 sips of water. It wakes me up, kickstarts the day, revs up the metabolism, and curbs that insatiable hunger I have first thing," she told Well+Good.

Wolfe's recommendation is substantiated by a 2003 study  published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, which found that drinking around 17oz. of water in the morning can increase metabolic rate by 30 per cent in both men and women. This boost occurred just 10 minutes after drinking, reaching its maximum point roughly 30 minutes later. 

How do you kickstart your metabolism every morning? Share your thoughts below, and head over to Well+Good for their full interview with Jenna Wolfe.

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