3 Mindful Ways to Increase Your Wealth

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For as much attention as we give to self-care practices to improve our quality of life, our personal finances aren't often bundled into the mix. New York Times bestselling author, success coach, and motivational speaker Jen Sincero argues for a shift in perception when it comes to making money. As a society, we've been "conditioned to associate the making of lots of money with dirty, unfun things like working really hard or compromising one's values or having a skewed sense of what's truly important in life," Sincero writes in Mind Body Green. She advocates for women to recognise making money as a a form of self care—a healthy and proactive relationship with money being at the top of the list for ways to care and love oneself. Below we've highlighted our favourite mindful ways Sincero proposes to increase your wealth.

Stop badmouthing money. One of the first steps in improving your relationship with money and empowering yourself to increase your wealth is to stop seeing and talking about money in a negative light. "When you put money down, you create energetic clogs and actually block your ability to make more of it," warns Sincero. "Now is the time to shift your stance and start thinking and saying things like 'Money is all around me and I gratefully and excitedly welcome it into my life.'"

Surround yourself with people who appreciate money. If you want to increase your drive and determination to rake in wealth in a healthy way, surround yourself with individuals who are doing exactly that. "This kind of power is contagious," says Sincero, "and it's healthy to remind yourself of the power you can have when you're in control of your financial destiny."

Get specific. "In order to inspire ourselves to make money, the exciting kind that we've never made before, we need to be excited!" notes Sincero. If you have a vague aspiration to simply increase the numbers in your bank account, it won't be enough to drive you to work hard to increase your wealth. If you have specific aspirations about what you can do with your wealth—how'll you'll spend it, what you'll save for, and the exact ways it will change your life—you'll have something concrete and attainable to work toward.

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