11 Easy Home Updates to Do Before You Sell

Lauren Powell


While a fresh coat of paint, a groomed garden, and an immaculate exterior may seem like somewhat minor home renovations, their impact is more valuable than you may have first thought. If you’re planning on putting your home on the market now or in the near future, there is a checklist of easy and cost effective updates you should consider if you like the idea of adding few dollars to the price tag. With this in mind, Australia’s largest handyman business, Hire A Hubby, have shared their secrets and revealed the simplest home updates you should complete (or, let Hire A Hubby completefor you!) before your property becomes an open house. Scroll down to find out how you can spruce up your abode with minimal effort and maximum results.

1. Add a new splash of paint to the house.

A new coat of paint is a simple yet effective way to make any room feel vibrant and fresh again. With a raft of paint colours and textures now available—you can transform the look of a house and deliver maximum street appeal and freshening up the inside of the house. When selling, neutral tones ensure buyers are not distracted by feature colours. Or if the home owner is staying put, adding a splash of colour can breathe new life into an existing space.

2. Fix any visible items that need to be repaired.

We can all become comfortable in our homes and potentially miss visible signs of wear and tear. Home owners need to pull out their magnifying glasses and inspect their property with a fine-toothed comb to maintain the value of the property. It could be a broken roof tile, a cracked window, or a balustrade where rot has begun to set in, but any sign of damage will force buyers to question the integrity of the property.

3. Ensure the front fence and mailbox look their best.

When it comes to first impressions, there aren’t many features of a home that leave more of a lasting impact than the front fence and mailbox. They are the first thing people see as they travel past the property and can send any potential buyers running for the hills.  By removing the excess shrubbery that is slowly engulfing a mailbox, replacing the existing mailbox and any damaged wooden fence posts with brand new ones; potential buyers will feel at home as soon as they step into the front yard.

4. High-pressure clean pavers and roof tiles.

Home owners need to get into the habit of having their outdoor pavers and roof tiles cleaned every few months, particularly in winter when mould can appear in shaded areas. A thorough high pressure clean can make an area look brand new, whether it’s the roof or pavers surrounding the house, pool, entertainment areas, driveways and walkways.

5. Cut back and tidy up the yard.

Potential buyers don’t want to wade through knee-high grass or know they will need to spend countless hours trimming plants when inspecting a property. One of the most common projects the team at Hire A Hubby complete is tidying up front and backyards, and there’s good reason for this—no matter how well home owners maintain the interiors of their property, the best value will never be reached unless the same effort is put into maintaining the exterior spaces like the front and back

6. Bring timber back to life.

Regardless of whether it’s the decking of an outdoor entertainment area or the floors in the hallway of a home, maintaining timber is a hassle-free way to make living spaces look that little bit more refined. Externally, timber decks suffer from wear and tear—stripping back the deck and applying a few coats of oil not only protects the timber but will present a deck that looks brand new.

7. De-clutter.

Sometimes the best way to make sure a property is in top form is also the simplest. A little bit of spring cleaning can go a long way. By hiring a skip bin for the day, home owners can easily clear out and de-clutter the home. Less is often more, and streamlining the contents of a room is often what is needed to highlight how much potential there is.

8. Freshen up the floors with new carpet.

Carpet not only keeps homes insulated and feet warm during winter, it can also hold the secret to making a room stand out. With so many colours, textures and designs to choose from, laying down new carpet is a great way for home owners to spruce up a room or hallway.

9. Add additional lights.

With many of us focusing on reducing electricity usage and maximising natural light, the installation of single or multiple skylights can transform the look and feel of a home. Hire A Hubby can evaluate the spaces home owners have to work with and determine the best locations for these additions to be installed. Beyond the benefits associated with cutting down on household electricity use, these additions can completely change how a room is used. A once dark and enclosed study area can easily be transformed into the perfect spot for reading a book or having a quick nap on a sunny afternoon with the right skylight.

10. Re-grout and re-seal the bathrooms.

Even if home owners think their bathroom looks old and outdated, getting the floor and wall tiles re-grouted will make a world of difference. When combined with the simple act of resealing the shower, any bathroom will look fresh and inviting.

11. Keep up regular household maintenance.

The golden ruel is to keep up regular household maintenance. Well maintained households only spend one per cent of their value on repairs and maintenance. When homeowners fix an issue early, it won’t turn into bigger problem down the track. An easy way for homeowners to stay on top of maintenance is by creating a maintenance diary. This may only involve homeowners inspecting their living spaces once or twice a year. Writing down notes and reminders will allow homeowners to find the cause of a problem and address it before it requires costly repairs.

Want to make an improvement on your home? Go on, Hire A Hubby and increase the value of your home in an instant.

What other home updates do you suggest making before putting your home on the market? Share your suggestions with us below!

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