How To: Hide the TV

by Melissa Goldstein

We can marathon watch Animal Planet with the best of them, but when it comes to décor we like to squirrel our flatscreen away like a state-of-the-art dirty habit--because that sports bar thing doesn't really go with the French salon vibe we're cultivating. Read on for our favourite ways to make your television fade into the background--that is, until it's time for the latest episode of Gator Boys.

Play Curator

Like a politician with a suspect record, your TV will look better if it surrounds itself with a respectable crowd. Position it in the midst of your artwork and you'll be amazed by the upstanding impression it makes.

Style It Out

Set design your space; topiaries and plants can soften hard edges, and placing your TV atop a piece of furniture in the corner, rather than front and center on its own, helps to pull focus.

Distract the Eye

It is nearly impossible to train the eye on a motionless box when there is a floor-to-ceiling avian wallpaper scheme (or equally compelling print) to lure you away. Fact.

Lights Out

It's the "if you can't beat 'em join 'em" philosophy: give your screen a make-under by painting a backdrop around it.

Take Refuge

Pretend that your television is a fugitive in need of asylum, and create a hideaway. We're fans of the fireplace-mantle-cum-moving-panel disguise, a space-saving solution with a theatrical pay-off.




Photographs: 1. Ragnar  Ómarsson, 2. Courtesy Lonny, 3. Courtesy Style at Home, 4. Courtesy House to Home, 5.William Abranowicz 

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