These Are the 6 "Golden Rules" of a Fast Metabolism (Says J.Lo's Nutritionist)

Kelsey Clark

Many see their metabolism as a fixed, pre-determined aspect of their health. But as celebrity nutritionist Haylie Pomroy argues, your ability to lose or gain weight doesn't have to be defined by your fast or slow metabolism. She believes that everyone can optimise the way their body uses food for fuel—a philosophy that she imparts to high-profile clients like Jennifer Lopez and Reese Witherspoon.

"A plan that feeds you—rather than depriving you of food and nutrients—can keep you from losing energy, experiencing extreme hunger, cannibalising muscle, and sapping strength,” she told Well+Good. "When you eat more, but choose the right foods at the right times, you can actually raise your metabolic rate, build strength, improve your skin tone, and get more energy." Generally speaking, Pomroy abides by six principles for a healthy metabolism, which the publication aptly calls her "golden rules." Read up on her philosophy below, as detailed in Pomroy's new book, Metabolism Revolution

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