5 Ways to Get Rid of a Cold Overnight

Lindsey Metrus

We know that moment all too well: Our throat starts to get scratchy, our nasal cavities tingle, a throbbing pain takes up residence in between our temples—it's official: A cold is brewing.

We're constantly reminded of the impending doom of a cold with each sneeze, sniffle, and dreaded nose-blow that happens around us. And while we do our best to keep our immune systems strong and on the defence, sometimes a cold wiggles its way in and is too big for our britches (er, body) to stave off.

No more. We've discovered some expert tips for how to get rid of a cold virtually overnight so that you can get back to your regularly scheduled programming symptom-free. Check out these tips below.

Do you have any go-to cold remedies? Please share with us below.

This post was originally published on Byrdie on November 2, 2016, and has since been updated.

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