Do This Before Bed to Get Luminous, Glowing Skin While You Sleep

Kelsey Clark


Admittedly, we're most interested in the beauty rituals that require the least effort; between working long hours and having a social life, time isn't exactly up for grabs. So when Well+Good outlined the ways to improve your skin overnight, we were all ears.

"Your cells are constantly undergoing cellular repair and renewal, but during the day there's constant UV and toxin exposure," explains Christopher O'Connell, MD, a Miami-based dermatologist. "At night, your body's able to rest in a protected environment and your cells—especially your skin cells—get a chance to 'catch up' and repair damage that has occurred during your day."

When it comes to getting dewy, glowing skin while you catch some z's, Amie Skilton, a naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist, and aesthetician, swears by one natural product: sea buckthorn oil ($14). "In addition to glowy-skin antioxidants like carotenoids and amino acids that support collagen production, [sea buckthorn oil] also includes omega-7," she told Care2. "This is different from omega-3 as it has specificity for epithelium so it can restore the skin’s hydrolipid film very quickly, resulting in luscious, dewy skin."

Since this fatty acid isn't widely available in foods, Skilton notes that it has a particularly rapid effect when taken orally. The antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins A and E, lipids, and palmitoleic acids in this ancient oil can also support digestive health, strengthen immunity, and even help with weight management.

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