9 Ways to REALLY Impress Your New Neighbour

via DecorPad Graciela Rutkowski Making nice with the neighbours can be a daunting task, but is truly essential for harmonious living. After all, a friendly relationship with your neighbour comes in handy when you want someone to keep an eye on things when you're out of town, or simply need to borrow a weed wacker. The below tips are tried and true ways to ensure you and your new neighbours will be besties in no time.

1. Surprise Decorate Their House For The Upcoming Holiday: Putting up lights for Christmas or flags for the Fourth of July? Totally a hassle, so they will really appreciate that you took the time to make sure their place was in tip top shape for Arbor Day, Easter, Valentine's day--whatever.

2. Invite Them Over for Shots Sometime: Nothing says fast friends like a little Jim, Jack, Johnnie, or José. 3. Tell Them: A lot about the people who used to live there before them. Like, a lot. 4. Generously Give Your New Neighbours Free Tickets: To the ongoing heavy metal concert series you host in your garage on Tuesday nights at 11p.m. 5. Ask Them if They Have a DVR: Because you don't. 6. Offer to Help With Their Laundry: Make sure to let them know, "the dirtier, the better." 7. Remind Them: How much longer you've lived there before them and how you're in with the trolling neighbourhood hooligans, in case they ever need your help. 8. Ask Them: For their wifi password. They Will definitely appreciate how forthcoming you are when it comes to sharing internet access. 9. Offer to Re-Paint Their Shutters: The current black is OK, but you know their home would look even better with a fresh coat of pea green. Do you have any tips for making friends with your new neighbour? Let us know in the comments! Photograph: Graciela Rutkowski Interiors via DecorPad _header5

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