The Expert-Approved Sleep Hack You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

Nicole Singh

Sleep. It’s one of our bodies most basic requirements, and yet, work deadlines, a full social calendar, or that addictive TV series means it’s the first thing to be sacrificed when you’re short on time. There are also a million quick fixes out there for the sleep-deprived community, from smart-technology to certain wall colour suggestions, and even specific dietary requirements.

But now, according to Dr. Delwyn Bartlett, a veteran sleep psychologist who spoke to Body+Soul, many of her clients suffer from not only anxiety, but sleep anxiety, and she also predicts that this phenomenon is on the rise.

Keep scrolling to find out more and learn the one thing you can do to overcome sleep anxiety.

What is sleep anxiety?

Dr. Bartlett explains sleep anxiety as a symptomatic stress around sleep, “They have this preoccupation with their sleep—and as soon as it starts to get dark, or there’s something that comes up about sleep, they start to get all the physical symptoms of anxiety,” she says.

Who does it affect?

While there are different degrees of sleeping disorders, and it’s unclear how many of these fit specifically into the sleep anxiety category. According to the Sleep Health Foundation, about one in three Australians suffer from a sleeping disorder of some kind.

What’s the big deal?

It’s not secret that sleep is a core requirement for healthy living, but more and more, research shows that sleeping issues and lack of sleep are strongly linked with anxiety and depression. According to Joanna Waloszek and Monika Rani, “The majority of evidence suggests the relationship between sleep problems and anxiety and depression is strong and goes both ways. This means sleep problems can lead to anxiety and depression, and vice versa.”

How do you fix it?

No lie, we love our dabbing on our essential oils after a long day, but Dr. Bartlett’s advice for the one thing you need for a healthy sleep schedule is simple: Stop worrying about sleep by not overthinking it too much. And her advice on what can help? Sticking to a regular schedule. “Get up at the same time each morning and do something,” she says. Point taken.

Start your sleep schedule strong with a strict morning routine:

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