How a Psychologist Can Tell If Your Relationship Will Last in 10 Minutes or Less

Gabrielle Savoie

If love is famously blind, how is one supposed to actually know with certainty that they have found The One? Love is a powerful emotion that can give us a rosy outlook, send us on a whirlwind of daydreams, and strengthen a bond with someone new, but it can also lead to committing without truly getting to know someone. We've all had our rose-coloured glasses crushed at some point in our lives—whether from a middle-school boyfriend, a long-distance sweetheart, or a failed marriage—and with enough bumps in the road, it can become hard to trust our own instincts when love gets involved. 

If you've felt the butterflies of a budding relationship, the fireworks of a summer romance, and the comforting nature of a stable relationship, but you still doubt whether or not your love interest is destined to be The One, there are science-backed signs to watch out for. "The answer lies in doing a thorough assessment of your needs in a relationship and whether they’re being (or have the potential to be) met," say Joanne Davila, PhD, and Laycee Lashman, co-authors of The Thinking Girl's Guide to the Right Guy. As it turns out, love alone (while necessary) is not enough to make a relationship work.

Are you excited about someone new or getting ready to walk down the aisle? Keep these signs in mind to know if your relationship has the potential for greatness, or if it's heading toward disaster. Ahead, Davila and Lashman break down the nine questions that can determine if you've found The One.

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