The ONE App That Helps Me Fall Asleep Every Time

Sacha Strebe

It was the week before a huge event my team and I were organising abroad. I was stressed out and sleepless. My insomnia heightened the anxiety levels and I was wound up beyond control—a one way track to melt-down mode. I tried all the stress-buster tactics like taking a break, and eating stress-reducing foods, journaling, and taking magnesium but nothing was helping. Show time was just around the corner, and I was feeling pretty nervous about how I would cope on site if I didn't catch some much-needed Z's.

After an entire week of tossing and turning every night sans shut-eye, I finally opened up to my colleague about my sleep-deprived situation. He on the other hand looked calm, well-rested and peaceful. What was his secret? He told me that whenever he has issues falling asleep, he turns on the Andrew Johnson Deep Sleep app. I had never used a sleep app before, but then I had never had problems with slumber before either. Intrigued, I asked him how an app could possibly help the sandman bring me a dream? He said that Deep Sleep was so good he hadn't ever gotten to the end because he was already fast asleep.

So how does it work? Well the app is similar to a guided meditation and uses a range of relaxation techniques and visualisations to help you build a natural, deep sleeping pattern. Think of it as relaxation training. Andrew is a clinical hypnotherapist and globally-renowned life coach from Scotland whose self-help apps for stress, addiction, and bad habits have been downloaded more than 10 million times. With such a major recommendation and insane popularity worldwide, I had to give it a try. So that night I hopped into bed, my cell phone on the side table, and turned on the app. The first thing I noticed was his voice. Of course it was placid and smooth, but there was something comforting and oddly soothing about his Scottish accent. I immediately felt calm. From there he takes you on a journey through the body, helping you to relax each and every part of it. Starting at the feet, Andrew then works his way up to the eyes, head and chest, each time getting your body to sink deeper and deeper into the bed. I can honestly say I have never felt so relaxed and just like my colleague, I didn't even get to the end because I was already snoozing. 

My bout of insomnia was short lived thanks to Andrew's Deep Sleep techniques, but for many people this is a serious problem. While I'm certainly no expert, I can honestly say this app changed my life and it helps me fall asleep every time, without fail. I'll even turn it on in the middle of the night if I've woken up with pre-workday anxiety. So whether you're struggling to sleep because you have an event coming up, a major university exam, or financial troubles, give Deep Sleep a try. It's my go-to for a guaranteed siesta.

Shop Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson on iTunes and Android.

Check out Andrew Johnson's site to read up on Deep Sleep and his many self-help apps, then tell me what you think about using sleep apps in the comments below. Be sure to share any other sleep tips or tactics you have too.

Opening photo: Mark Hunter for I Love Wildfox

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