Wish You Ate Better? Try These Foolproof Tricks

Raise your hand if eating healthier has been your New Year's resolution for longer than you can remember… As someone with a huge sweet tooth (and very little discipline when it comes to snacking), I can say with more experience than I'd like to admit that changing your eating habits is extremely challenging. This is partially due to my aforementioned sweet tooth, but I try to cut it some slack: There are also powerful neurological patterns that make the transition a difficult one. 

According to a recent study from researchers at John Hopkins, routine behaviours (especially those that are pleasing) stick around until our brains are no longer primed to give into them. And now that we got the bad news out of the way, here's the good news: There are several ways to make your healthy eating transition a lot easier and more enjoyable. Here are eight simple steps to trick yourself into making better decisions in the kitchen. 

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