This Is How All the Cool People Display Their Art at Home

Sacha Strebe

So you've collected your favourite works and finally planned out the perfect gallery wall, but wait—we have a better idea. Before you pick up the hammer, we suggest you hit the nail on the head (figuratively speaking) and forgo the hangers altogether. Instead, display your coveted prints, original paintings, and prized photography against the wall, the mantel, the cabinet, or even on the floor. Yep, all the cool kids are doing it. Why, you ask?

There's something undeniably hip about exhibiting your favourite (and often expensive) artworks with an almost aloof and nonchalant flair. It's youthful and carefree, just the kind of mood any home would want to replicate. We think the artists themselves would approve too. If you're still not convinced, we've rounded up some of our favourite examples—from the fireplace to the floor—to showcase how it's done. We guarantee you'll be leaning your paintings from now on. If you do become a convert, be sure to tag us with your photographic proof on social. 

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