Why You Shouldn't Work More Than 50 Hours Per Week

Dana Covit

Would you believe us if we told you that the secret to success was not working? It's true, in a way—but there's a catch! A new study from Stanford Unviersity shows that productivity declines sharply when our workweek exceeds 50 hours, and productivity drops off so significantly after 55 hours that there's literally no point in working any more. The secret, then, is pushing yourself to find that work-life balance we all so desperately seek. But with so much to get done, cutting yourself off can be tricky. Read below for five tips that successful people follow to find balance and stay engaged and productive week after week.

  • Disconnect. This is the single most important weekend strategy for ensuring you recharge and refocus in time for each new workweek. If taking the entire weekend off handling work emails and calls isn't realistic, try designating specific times on Saturday and Sunday for checking emails and responding to voicemails.
  • Reflect. Use weekends to contemplate big picture ideas regarding your industry, your organisation, and your job. The relative quiet of the weekend affords the perfect headspace to really think critically.
  • Minimise Chores. Yes, even menial chores can start to feel like work if you squeeze in too many of them! Try to slot in some errands throughout the week so your weekends can really and truly be a time of rest and relaxation.
  • Designate Mornings as "Me" Time. Mornings are the ideal time to engage in an activity you love and are passionate about. What's more, forcing yourself to wake up early on the weekends much like you would during the week really hones your circadian rhythm.
  • Prepare for the Upcoming Week. Get tactical about the upcoming week and take just 30 minutes over the weekend to make some actionable plans. Monday will go much more smoothly.


?To learn even more tactics for successfully unplugging and keeping your workplace productivity up, head to Business Insider to read more.

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