5 Genius Small-Space Decluttering Hacks From an IKEA Interior Designer

Lauren Powell

I don’t know about you, but my space-challenged, storage-less apartment feels like it’s bursting at the seams more and more every day. There’s no denying small space living has its pros—cleaning can be completed in record time, maintenance is almost non-existent, and you have no choice but to become a minimalist (we’ll take that as win). But it most certainly has its challenges, too—prime example: I literally second guess every item I purchase due to the fact that it may not have a home once I bring it inside.

According to IKEA research, I’m not alone. In fact, 41% of people cited lack of organisation and adequate storage as the number one frustration at home, 31% of people revealed they don’t know where to start when it comes to making better use of the space in their home, and 31% of Australians believe their home is too small.

As a result of these insights, we enlisted the storage solution and decluttering expertise of Christine Gough, IKEA’s interior design leader, who has shared her top home organisation hacks. Space challenged friends, read on.

Under bed storage

This often unused space is a smart place to store. Invest in bed storage boxes for a simple, flexible, and affordable storage option—and the lid keeps dust from entering.

Use movable storage

The kitchen is the hub for entertaining so it’s essential to have it organised. A trolley is a great storage solution for plates, sauces, and cutlery, and it is the perfect entertaining caddy that can move from space to space so all you need is right at hand.

Make the most of outdoor space

An outdoor greenhouse cabinet not only looks great, but it is a super practical place to store items so they are conveniently on hand when you need them, but out of the way when you don’t. Opt for one with glass doors so your items are protected from the elements. They are ideal for succulents, plant pots, and gardening accessories, but you can also use it for storing plates and outdoor entertaining items to free up space in the kitchen.

Use your walls and doors

Walls, doors and little nooks around the home are the perfect spot to place a hook to store clothes and school bags while they aren’t being used. Over door hooks (read: a genius invention) have a covered back so they won’t scratch the door.

USe the top of your wardrobe

The space at the top of your wardrobe is a great spot for storing items that you don’t need to use on a daily basis. Storage cases with ventilation nets are ideal as they allow air to circulate and protect items from dust. If space is tight consider vacuum-sealed bags which keep textiles fresh and reduce the space needed for storage.

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