Why This CEO Doesn’t Regret Her Career Mistakes

Lauren Powell

Collective Hub

Lisa Messenger is the poster girl for taking risks, embracing mistakes, and not being afraid of failure. And according to the entrepreneur herself, this could be the secret to her success.

In a first-person article for SmartCompany, the CEO of the Messenger Group, founder and editor in chief of Collective Hub, author, and motivational speaker reveals not only why taking risks and making mistakes are crucial in business, but most importantly, how to learn from said mistakes and failures.

“I do believe we should embrace mistakes and failure, knowing that they are the very things that propel us forward and make ambitious, curious and hungry entrepreneurs keep going when others simply give up,” she told SmartCompany. “It’s important to remember that if we aren’t pushing ourselves and the boundaries generally, then we are playing it too safe.” Read on to find out the top four things Messenger has learned about failure.

1. Don’t be afraid of it

“This will only make you stuck, frustrated, and ultimately, unsuccessful, because you’ll never do anything or go anywhere. Failure is real, but if you want to play a big game, you can’t stay small. The battle to overcome is not the failure itself, but the fear of it.”

2. What to do when you fail

“Suck it up, cop the costs, learn from it for next time, and move forward.”

3. How it can help you

“When you are willing to fail, you get more comfortable with the feeling, which opens you up to trying out new, interesting, and riskier things. When you put yourself out there so much, and so frequently, something’s got to stick—and in the words of Henry Ford (who had two companies that went bust before he rocked the world): ‘Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.’”

4. Create a solutions-based culture

“When things happen, expect and encourage staff to come to you not only with the problem or mistake, but with at least one solution for how we can overcome it and implement a new process so it doesn’t happen next time. We can’t go back, but we can go forwards.”

Head to SmartCompany to read Messenger’s full article and shop one of her best-sellers Daring & Disruptive ($30).

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