This Is How a Nutritionist Cures a Hangover

Lauren Powell

While we vow that we will 'never drink again' every time we indulge in a few too many glasses of vino on a Saturday night, it’s (unfortunately) likely that said oath to self won’t be kept. Rather than set unrealistic promises when you're in the middle of a hangover, your energy is probably better spent thinking about how to improve it instead of declaring that you are never going to self-inflict one on yourself again.  

Sure, hangover cures can sometime be as reliable as a flaky friend (read: not at all), but according to nutritionist Steph Lowe, eating the right foods can help ease the symptoms of an alcohol-fuelled night out. The founder of the The Natural Nutritionist spoke to Sporteluxe and revealed the meals she whips up post-too many bubbles. “Re-hydrating is key. Electrolytes including magnesium and potassium are essential, so including foods such as coconut water and bananas are important to avoid falling into the trap of relying on sugary sports drinks,” Lowe told Sporteluxe. “Secondly, supporting your body to flush out toxins is important, so although you may not feel like it, sneak in foods such as beetroot, carrot, avocado, and green vegetables, and sip on green tea.” Scroll on to find out how you can help ease your hangover the next time you indulge in one too many.


“My absolute favourite is avocado mash on Paleo bread with crispy bacon. Bacon is definitely great for a hangover but it is not something I eat too often, so it feels like a treat. I always opt for a savoury choice to avoid any sugar crash or carbohydrate coma after eating.”


“Mexican food is a favourite of mine, and I love nachos, tacos, and anything with guacamole. I still choose my restaurant carefully to be confident I am consuming quality ingredients.”


“It’s all about hydration (and sleep) when you’re hungover. I start the day with a large glass of water with fresh lemon, and for extra electrolytes, I use the product Shotz. Smoothies aren’t usually something I crave, but a nice glass Naked Life’s Sparkling lemon and cucumber drink is a great way to get that soft drink feeling without the sugar.”

For more nutritionist-approved hangover cures, head to Sporteluxe and stock up on Naked Life’s Sparkling guilt-free soft drinks—just in case.

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