How to Create a Strong Company Culture, According to This Managing Director

Lauren Powell


Fact: A strong workplace culture is pivotal to a company’s success. And a great office culture is the result of a positive, purposeful, and engaged team who share the same values, attitudes, and standards. But said culture isn’t built by chance or fluke, it takes hard work and commitment by an inspiring and motivating leader.

One leader who knows a thing or two about creating a great office culture is Victoria Curro—managing director of LIDA, the customer engagement business within one of Australia’s most successful creative agency’s M&C Saatchi Group. The successful mentor and powerful strategist—who has built a powerful team around her and who is inspired by the happiness of her team—reveals her secrets to creating the best office environment possible. Read on and find out how to motivate a team, build a culture, and mentor great talent, according to this dedicated executive.

Create endless opportunities

Provide each team member with infinite opportunities to learn, to move up, to be heard, to make change, to be famous, and to make an impact.

Always be a work-in-progress

Welcome new ways of working and embrace ideas from your team—even things you might have tried and failed at before. There is so much power in fresh perspectives.

Never be too big for the little things

As a leader, don’t put yourself in an ivory tower. Roll your sleeves up and get involved—if that means printing and binding presentations at midnight, so be it.

Make flexibility a right, not a privilege

Provide your team with the flexibility they need to manage the needs of their families and their work lives. Never let anyone feel they are contributing less if they work part-time or need to leave early.

Know what you stand for

Communicate your vision and ambition for the business and be fearless in your execution. Ensure every team member understands they have an integral role to play in growing the business and making it better.

Fix things before they fester

Don’t shy away from tough questions. Have the hard discussions when you need to, and intervene early for situations you know won’t fix themselves.

Set clear expectations on performance and salary reviews

Keep to a set rhythm for performance and pay reviews. Allow everyone to know where they stand, what they are working towards and how they will be measured. Always elicit 360-degree feedback to provide well-rounded reviews.

Get together regularly

Establish traditions inside and outside of work. These can be yearly, monthly, or even weekly gatherings where the team unites to share their work, celebrate their successes and bond as a team.

Support and defend each other

Encourage a culture of caring.  Inspire your people to help others when they are struggling, stressed, or overwhelmed. This can take the form of peer support groups and internal mentoring that enables your team to flourish. These can be formal or organically woven into your culture.

Have an in-touch, accessible leadership team who like each other

This is of vital importance. For a successful business or culture to flourish, a cohesive, collaborative leadership team that genuinely respect and like each other is essential. Ensure each member of your leadership team is confident in speaking their mind, having fun, and providing a comfortable sounding board for younger team members. Their interaction with each other will set the tone for the entire team.

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