This Recruiter Reveals the Resume Revisions Everyone Should Make

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by Lauren Powell

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Our resumes are our first impression with a potential new employer so we need to make sure we nail it and see it soar to the top of the pile. Huffington Post Australia spoke with Mike Irving, a leading Australian recruiter and business mentor who revealed his top five resume tips to give you the best chance at getting noticed, to make great impression, and to ensure you land that dream job. "The most important part of your resume is simple: be honest," says Irving. "Your resume should also reflect the fact that you are hungry and that you really want to work for that company.” Read on and tweak your resume stat.

1. Honesty is the best policy

Be honest. Don't elaborate and don't make things up.

2. Make a commitment

Make sure when you accept a job offer that you intend to be there for longer than two years, so you can develop skills and show your ability in that role.

3. Keep it short and sweet

Keep your resume very short. If you can, not more than one page. Anybody can be taught to write a spectacular resume. Use bullet points and avoid buzz words.

4. Give examples

If you insist on calling yourself a 'strategic thinker' give an example or two. What makes you a strategic thinker and how has this reflected in your success.

5. Stay humble

Be humble. There's a big difference between boasting about your abilities and being able to demonstrate your abilities. Your work history should speak for itself.

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