How to Create the Most Motivating Office Playlist

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

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Mastering an office playlist is important business—we want to feel upbeat, inspired, and motivated all day every day and the music we listen to can be a huge player in creating positive workplace vibes. Spotify's playlist curator has shared with us her expert tips for creating the best office playlist and the top songs that are a must for the track list. Read on if you want to contend for employee of the month.

Playlist tips

1. Keep the mood up with upbeat, fun songs.

2. Have a mix of familiar songs that people will recognise (and even sing along to sometimes) and new songs that will keep things interesting.

3. ​Include a mix of genres to cater to all tastes.

4. Include some funny songs ​to inject some "work" themed fun into the mix​.

5. Spread the hits out so people can focus when they need to and have a little pick me up throughout the day, otherwise the office might just turn into a karaoke bar.

Top office songs

  • Justin Bieber 'Sorry'—hottest song on the planet right now. Most people converted to #beliebers with this track and it's a good office pick me up.
  • Kiiara 'Gold' —buzz track at the moment—a good mood booster for the cool kids.


Treat yourself to a Spotify subscription and begin making the ultimate office playlist.

What are your favourite hits for the office? Share with us below!

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