This Is How to Create a Blissful Bedroom Sanctuary

Kelly Muller

Before I became a parent, my bedroom was mostly just a place to sleep. Sure the look and feel mattered, but it didn’t hold the same sentiment that it does now. These days, it’s not only a place to switch off and relax, it’s a place that holds special memories with my daughter. It’s a place of laughter and comfort, and most importantly, it’s the place I find my calm. It’s a constant work in progress but my bedroom has never been more important.

So, where to start and what to do? These expert-approved styling tips and tricks will help you create the bedroom of your dreams. Read on to find out how to create your very own bedroom sanctuary.

bigger is better

Along with health and fitness, sleep is a huge contributor to overall wellbeing, so choosing a mattress is actually a pretty big deal. Considering we spend a third of our lives sleeping, I find it crazy that many of us disregard the importance of a great mattress (including me before children!). Make sure you test a few out, talk to the sales assistants, do your research, and don’t be scared to invest in the best you can afford. Once we had Sunny, buying a king sized bed was a no brainer and we went with Sleeping Duck, a relatively new player in the mattress game but an innovative one. The compact delivery convenience and easy unpacking suited our apartment living and the flexibility with firmness meant we were able to choose our dream mattress.  

Get rid of the clutter


Kelly Muller

One of the most important pieces to the ‘peaceful room puzzle’ is to remove all of the clutter. That’s not to say you need to throw away everything that holds meaning to you, it just means get rid of the unnecessary. Clear your side tables and tops of your drawers and start with a clean slate. Photographs, books, or greenery add personality. Keeping things streamlined in trays, like the Home Republic Hanoi Tray, or use trinket boxes for candles and jewellery. Senior Product Manager of Home Republic, Alana Tiller, suggests "sticking to the essentials will keep your space feeling luxe and dreamy". 

Invest in the best



Despite my mum telling me many times that I should invest in linen, I always found other things to spend my money on—until I bought In The Sac linen sheets.  To say I am obsessed is an understatement. Founder Belinda Gallo says linen is a great choice for bedding as it breathes with the body meaning it cools you down in summer and warms you up in winter. A natural fibre, linen sheets are also anti-allergic—ideal for someone like me who has year-round hay fever—but most importantly, they are fuss-free and require no ironing. When you’re a parent and time is of the essence, anything that makes your life more stress-free gets a tick from me.

Still not sure about parting with the cash? Lifestyle and fashion blogger, Rebecca Judd, who recently collaborated on a homewares collection with Adairs, says price is a good indicator when it comes to quality. “Pillows made from feather or down and woolen blankets and throws will last the test of time and are worth the initial spend”, she says.

In The Sac Linen King Sheet Set ($495)

Pick your palette

It helps to know what look you’re trying to create. Tiller suggests creating a Pinterest board dedicated to your bedroom where you can add textures, tones, colours, furniture, and details that will inspire your space. For me, there’s a lot of white, white, and more white, which Judd says “has a universal appeal”, then I add in shades of grey with throws, pillows and accessories.

Home Republic Throw ($70)

Styling your bed

Any expert will tell you, dressing your bed is one of the easiest ways to take your room to the next level and to create a feeling of luxe. "Pick your favourite sheets, add a fluffy, all season doona for that filled out look then add your European, standard, then accent pillows. Finally, add a throw to the end of your bed. These can be the same colour, complimentary, or totally contrasting", says Judd.

"When working with a monochrome palette, it really is all about texture. You need to be clever with fabrics and colour tones to break up the darker shades," adds Tiller. Think outside of the box. Layer up linen sheets with items such as sheepskins, chunky knit throws, or embroidered linen pillowcases to create balance.

"If you have a white quilt cover, adding in touches of charcoal, grey marle, or indigo with your sheets and pillowcases will create the perfect balance for darker shades and add an element of freshness to your bedroom space," says Tiller.

Home Republic Chunky Knit Cushion ($49)

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