The Latest Cooking Trend Every Foodie Needs to Try

Lauren Powell


Calling all foodies—there’s a new cooking trend taking the culinary world by storm right now and you need to give it a whirl—stat. Allow us to introduce you to sous vide (pronounced “sue veed”)—the cooking technique that made Pinterest’s annual trends list for 2017 (and that is easier to execute than its fancy name may suggest).

Dubbed the lazy person’s cooking hack, sous vide (translation: French for under vacuum) is a method of cooking in which food is sealed in a vacuum-sealed plastic pouch then placed in a water bath or temperature-controlled steam environment (via a sous vide cooker or pot of water) for longer than your average cooking time. The result? Meals that are nearly impossible to achieve by traditional means.

Popularly used to cook meat and eggs (if you love a tender, juicy steak, you’ll never look back), sous vide is loved for its convenience and precision while eliminating any chance of over or undercooking. In short: You’ll wish you knew about this kitchen secret sooner.

Ready to take it to the kitchen? We suggest attempting this foolproof sous vide steak recipe from ChefSteps and then shop this sous vide cooker.

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