PSA: The Minimalist Interior Trend is Cancelled in 2018

Nicole Singh

If you're a closet interior designer, we bet you spend a decent amount of time thinking about your dream house and how you'd style it. That daydreaming and furious pinning generally goes hand-in-hand with imagining the cult furniture pieces you'll buy to fill each room. But how often do you think about colour? The rise and rise of the minimalist interior décor trend has perhaps made us all a little scared of incorporating colour and patterns in our homes, but that ends in 2018 because colour is back.  

According to Wendy Greenhalf, General Manager at International School of Colour and Design (ISCD), it’s also one of the most crucial decisions you can make in any room. "Colour can change our perception of a space to be larger or smaller. It can change the perception of temperature of a space to be warmer and cooler. Colour can even trick the eye into believing a space is different from what it actually is," she explains. 

Not only does colour impact the perception of a home, but according to Greenhalf, it has an emotional impact on the people in it. "Colour affects how we feel and how we behave. It also impacts our decision to buy or not to buy an item." Deep breaths. 

If you've been thinking about redecorating and you're up for the colour challenge in 2018, or perhaps you've even been contemplating a career change, we recommend attending ISCD's one-day Colour 101 workshop in Sydney or Melbourne on February 3.

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Register and then keep reading for three of Greenhalf's best colour tips to get you excited and inspired leading up to the course. Remember, we're making friends with colour in 2018. . . 


"Firstly, I suggest going with what makes you feel good and what makes you happy in that space. I suggest pulling together images and colours from a magazine or online and create a collage or mood board. You should start to see a pattern of colours, shapes and patterns of what you are drawn to and apply it to that space."


"You don’t always have to incorporate colour through the walls. Accessories, appliances, rugs, hero-piece furniture like chairs and sofas are a great way to introduce colour. If you want to keep with the trends, try items like cushions or throws that are easily changed and without too much expense. Ultra Violet is Pantone’s 2018 Colour of the Year, so you can expect to see influences of this purple but paired with other colours. I can see white and lighter colours being paired with ultra violet to give a cleaner look in our interiors such as bathrooms and kitchens this year."


"We do often associate that minimalist look with a dominance of white or lighter neutrals, which give a clean and simple look overall. You can work with a darker palette and still create a minimalist look of clean sharp lines, and sometimes a contrast of dark and light, provided you keep things simple and uncomplicated. Curtains and window trims can also draw people to an area of a room, especially good if your room has a view."

Enrollments are now open for ISCD's one-day Colour 101 workshop held in both Sydney and Melbourne on February 3. MyDomaine Australia readers receive a 30% discount. Just enter the code Kickstart2018 on check-out.


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