12 Insider Tips for How to Choose an Interior Designer


Courtesy of Birgit Klein Interiors

When it comes to how to choose an interior designer, premier designer Ariel Okin at Homepolish says it can kind of be like dating (as in, you need to put in some work and ask the right questions). "I believe that an ideal working relationship between an interior designer and a client is founded on trust," Okin says. "If a client can trust where the designer is going with the creative vision and roll with it, that makes for the most fun and exciting—and not to mention, beautiful—projects."

In order to get to that space with a designer, you need to truly find one that aligns with your needs and personality because if you can't get along, how can they truly understand you? "When meeting a new client, I always try and make sure that our personalities and priorities align," explains Birgit Klein, owner of Birgit Klein Interiors. It begins by meeting and asking the right questions to suss out who is the right fit for you... and your space, for that matter. We decided to tap four experts to find out the top questions they think every client should ask when it comes to choosing an interior designer (plus a few rules to follow at your first meeting). 

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