9 Life-Changing Habits That Will Make You a Better Person

Sacha Strebe

Life is truly a gift, but even when you know this deep down, sometimes it can really get the better of you. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out and are steering a happy course, life takes control of the wheel and swerves you down a dead end. This tumultuous turn can jolt you from a positive place to a dark and often uncertain one. In times like these, we are left asking ourselves one question: How can I turn things around? The good news is you can, and you can do it today.

We understand how simple (and even a little naive) this might sound, but it’s true. Change is possible—that is, if you want it. The trick is to establish what those life adjustments are and divvy them into short- and long-term goals, then take a very systematic approach toward making them happen. Continually question yourself along the way too: What is my end goal? How do I want to feel? What do I want from life? To get you started, we listed some very straightforward steps you can take toward making positive changes in your life. Go on—you deserve the best.

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