How to Buy Stock for the First Time in 4 Simple Steps

Sabrina Paparella

Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

The thought of the stock market can initially be a dizzying—not to mention intimidating—one. Images of zigzagging graphs, fluctuating numbers, and buzzwords like "crash" can be enough to shun it altogether. While it's true that there's an aspect of chance with stocks, it's possible to take part in the stock market with more dependability than previously assumed. Don't let the idea of the stock market overwhelm you—the process is more intuitive than you think, and the steps are simple. While you're going through your first purchases, don't feel pressured to bite off more than you can chew. Buy in small quantities with low-risk stocks at established companies. Get your feet wet before delving into more experimental investments. We're here to teach you how to take those very first actions to get you started. Keep reading to learn how to buy stocks in four easy steps.

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